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Young Serena/Anime Serena (WIP) by Gregarlink10
Young Serena/Anime Serena (WIP)
Hi everyone, how have you been? a friend of mine asked me if I could help him with a school project that involved 3D animation, he wants to make a pokémon related animation and he asked me if I could help him with the 3D models, the 1st one he asked me to make was Serena, but not the one from the games but the one from the anime instead since the one in the game looks older than how she looks in the anime, this is still a WIP, although the 3D model is finished, I still need to rig it, the other model that he asked me to make was Ash

Of course, I edited RTB's 3D models to make this one, since the idea is to make them look like they would look in both the anime and the games, so far I'm satisfied with how she looks, although I know I'm missing some details, anyway, if you have any suggestions of you see something that should be fixed of edited let me know and I'll work on it, and, if someone want this 3D model I'll post it here as long as it is ok to do so, since again, it's an edit of RTB's models, but anyway, that's all for now, hope you like it, take care

Serena (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
3D model ripped by Random Talking Bush from the Models Resource and edited by me

 Hola todos, como han estado? un amigo de la escuela me pregunto si le podía ayudar con un proyecto que involucraba animacion en 3D, tiene pensado hacer una animacion relacionada con pokémon y me pregunto si lo podría ayudar con los modelos 3D, el 1ro que me encargo fue Serena, pero no la de los juegs sino la del anime ya que la de los juegos se ve mas grande que la del anime, esto es aun un TEP, aunque el modelo ya esta terminado, aun tengo que "riggearlo", el otro modelo que me encargo fue Ash, tambien del anime

Claro, edite los modelos de RTB para hacer este modelo ya que la idea es hacer que se vean como se verían tanto en el anime cono en el juego, hasta ahora estoy satisfecho con como se ve el modelo, aunque se que le faltan algunos detalles, como sea, si tienen alguna sugerencía o creen que deba corregir/arreglar algo, haganmelo saber y lo arreglare, aparte, si alguien quiere el modelo, lo posteare aqui siempre y cuando este bien que lo haga ya que, denuevo, el modelo es una edicion de los modelos que RTB extrajo de los juegos, beuno, es todo por ahora, espero les guste, cuidense

cosas de copyright arriba, me do flojera agegarlas denuevo XD
Pokemon wallpaper by Gregarlink10
Pokemon wallpaper
Hi everyone, how have you been? finally I have a working computer once again! and of course, I decided to have some fun with Maya since it's beena while since the last time I used it, also it gave me a perfect excuse to use RTB's ORAS models, originally I was rigging the models myself but then I noticed the FBX files, it saved me a lot of time, since I was posing the characters ust for fun I decided to use one of the renders to make a little wallpaper, hope I don't get in problems with RTB or with Nintendo for using the logos, anyway, now that I confirmed that the models have a fine rigging I'll make some little animations to practice 3D animation again, I used to know how to make decent 3D animations and renders but I forget most of that knowledge when I started working as a 2D animator, anyway, that's all for now, hope you like it, take care!

PKMN ORAS models ripped by: Random Talking Bush
Models and logos (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
Mii Sword Fighter amiibo (Pitchy) by Gregarlink10
Mii Sword Fighter amiibo (Pitchy)

She's alive! everyone run to the mountains!

Anyway, I just felt like doing an amiibo of one of my Miis since I don't think Nintendo will make amiibos of the Mii fighters (also I don't think much people would be interested, specially if the amiibo figure is not customizable), anyway, again, not much to say XP, so, that's all for now, take care

Pinchimono amiibo by Gregarlink10
Pinchimono amiibo
Hi everyone, how have you been? so, after I finished my Robin amiibo my sister asked me if I could make and amiibo of this character called "pinchimono" which roughly translate to "F#ckingmonkey" or "F#ckingToon", I don't know.

This character was created by "NEGAS", but the amiibo appeared in this video: (video in spanish btw)…

...not much to say about this one since I don't think much people here on Da know the character, if you do, awesome!, if not, well, that's ok, anyway, that's all for now, take care

pinchimono (c) NEGAS (i don't know his real name)
Hi everyone, how have you been? I feel like it's been years since the last time I updated my journal, anyway, let's start with the excuses, why I haven't uploaded anything relevant in a while? well some of you already know that it's because of my work....or at was, yeah I was fired last month XP, not because I did something wrong or anything it's because my contract ended, sadly I wasn't aware of that so imagine my surprise when I went to work as usual and then the boss told me "today is your last day" XD, good thing I saved enough money to pay school and other debts, while in the work I made 2 animations (promotional and such) and we finish the hole short that the department was working even before I entered there, so it was a good run I guess

Since I don't have work anymore some of you are probably thinking that I will have more time to work in sprites right?, well yes and no, starting August I started my last 2 years in college (or university? whatever) the 1st year is going to be hard, mostly because I will be taking a lot of programming classes, but in the last year I will be taking like 2 or 1 classes.....fair enough, so, maybe I won't have much time to work on sprites at least this year, but next year it might be a hole different story!, also, my main pc (the one I use to make sprites) still needs a new fan, but I been "testing" it in cold places and seems to be working fine (it lasted like 2 hours before it turns off automatically, enough time to work!).

I will try to, at least, upload things more frequently, mostly because I feel like my Da account is sort of dead now, I blame only myself but anyway, so I will be uploading stuff more frequently (or at least I will try), don't expect a sprite sheet because I will probably just be updating comic strips and pictures like before at least for this year, and why not, maybe I will upload some animated gifs showing my advances in my sprite sheets (I'm really wanting to finish the MegaMan one!), even if I feel that my time as a sprites has passed long ago that doesn't mean I'm quiting, I really want to finish some of my pending projects before a mayor force forces me to stop spriting all together (because I won't do it myself >8D)

Anyway, that's all for now, if you want to ask something feel free to post a comment, take care


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Hey, I made a Megaman. Go see it please!

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Which Nintendo character do you want to be in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U?
Gregarlink10 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
Nintendo characters? I don't know, I would like to see more 3rd party characters like Shantae, Simon Belmont, Bayonetta etc, but from Nintendo themselves...I guess Kristal from StarFox, BlackShadow from F-Zero, Magnus even though he's an assist trophy, the girl from Splatoon, Po from Eathbound etc
PxlCobit Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
Krystal would be great =)
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Can you do Roy Super Smash Bros. Melee sprite sheet?
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Hmm...maybe not for now because I'm busy with school stuff, but yeah, I'll see what I can do
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Thank you
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Not really, but if I find the time then I take requests, not related to sprite sheets though
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