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Mega Charizard X custom amiibo by Gregarlink10
Mega Charizard X custom amiibo
Hi everyone, how have you been? this is a custom Charizard amiibo that I did for a client this week, since I couldn't detach the wings and arms from the body some pieces and alterations were a little tricky to made, the flames are transparent and were made using hot silicon glue, I also did some alterations to Charizard's head since Mega Charizard X has longer and more separated horns and a somewhat bigger nose

On a side note, this is one of those works that I would like to keep but, in the end, it was made for a client and I need to give it back to him, besides, if I had a Charizard amiibo, I will keep it as it is, is really hard to find Charizards were I live, anyway, hope you like it and take good care of your Charizards if you have one, take care

Charizard (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
Custom by me: GregarLink10
Bubble gum by Gregarlink10
Bubble gum
Just bubble gum, aka mother of Dedede

This was originally a drawing that I did on miiverse long ago, I remade it to use it for something else but I changed my mind at the last minute so.....might as well upload it here right? I had this set as my favorite post on miiverse just so I can laugh at the reactions to everyone who go to my profile for the 1st time, its kind of funny although its getting old...anyway, thats all for now

characters (c) nintendo
SSB4 Newcomers 3 + Roy by Gregarlink10
SSB4 Newcomers 3 + Roy
Plus Roy

Hi everyone, how have you been? I been literally killing myself trying to finish these sprites, mostly because I have other things to do, but anyway, I think with this one I have made sprites of every newcomer in ssb4, plus Roy and Lucas which are returning DLC characters, again, I don't know if I'll make a full sprite sheet of any of this guys, but if I could choose, I'll choose Dark Pit, mostly because I know that somebody would eventually repaint him as Pit, so we'll have both characters at the price of one, but again, I can't promise anything right now

Making these sprites was pretty fun and brought back a lot of nostalgia to me, it was also a pain, since win 8 Paint suck monkey fuck, although a lot of you guys had told me that I can install XP Paint in win 8, I'll see if I can install it one of this days...btw, I record the hole process of making these sprites, I'll leave the link to the videos down below just in case someone wants to watch the process (I don't think someone would be interested, but who knows right?)

anyway, that's all for now, take care

All characters belong to their respective owners


Bowser Jr:…
Dark Pit:…
Little Mac:…
SSB4 Newcomers 2 + others by Gregarlink10
SSB4 Newcomers 2 + others
Hi everyone, how have you been? while waiting for nintendo's E3 I decided to make some more sprites of the new comers from SSB4 as well as other characters just to see if I could make them, Ganondorf was the most difficult of them all while PacMan and Robin were the easiest, again, I don't know if I'll make a complete sprite sheet of any of this guys (except MegaMan, he already has his sprite sheet finished), excluding the Mii fighters and Roy I only need to make 5 more characters, but I'll make them later, for now, I'll wait and see if nintendo's E3 presentation has some surprises left t save them this year (probably not), anyway, what do you think of this year's E3?

Characters belong to their respective owners
SSB4 Newcomers sprites by Gregarlink10
SSB4 Newcomers sprites
Hi everyone, how have you been? its been a while since the last time I make some sprites, so I decided to make some just for fun, I didn't have much references for some of the characters when I drew them so probably some details are missing, I'm probably not going to make full sprite sheets of any of this characters mostly because Windows 8 paint SUCKS!!!, IT SUCKS SO MUCH I HATE IT DX....anyway, if anyone want to edit this ones feel free to do so but give me credit for them, that's all for now, hope you like them

Characers (c) Nintendo
Hi everyone, how have you been? I feel like it's been years since the last time I updated my journal, anyway, let's start with the excuses, why I haven't uploaded anything relevant in a while? well some of you already know that it's because of my work....or at was, yeah I was fired last month XP, not because I did something wrong or anything it's because my contract ended, sadly I wasn't aware of that so imagine my surprise when I went to work as usual and then the boss told me "today is your last day" XD, good thing I saved enough money to pay school and other debts, while in the work I made 2 animations (promotional and such) and we finish the hole short that the department was working even before I entered there, so it was a good run I guess

Since I don't have work anymore some of you are probably thinking that I will have more time to work in sprites right?, well yes and no, starting August I started my last 2 years in college (or university? whatever) the 1st year is going to be hard, mostly because I will be taking a lot of programming classes, but in the last year I will be taking like 2 or 1 classes.....fair enough, so, maybe I won't have much time to work on sprites at least this year, but next year it might be a hole different story!, also, my main pc (the one I use to make sprites) still needs a new fan, but I been "testing" it in cold places and seems to be working fine (it lasted like 2 hours before it turns off automatically, enough time to work!).

I will try to, at least, upload things more frequently, mostly because I feel like my Da account is sort of dead now, I blame only myself but anyway, so I will be uploading stuff more frequently (or at least I will try), don't expect a sprite sheet because I will probably just be updating comic strips and pictures like before at least for this year, and why not, maybe I will upload some animated gifs showing my advances in my sprite sheets (I'm really wanting to finish the MegaMan one!), even if I feel that my time as a sprites has passed long ago that doesn't mean I'm quiting, I really want to finish some of my pending projects before a mayor force forces me to stop spriting all together (because I won't do it myself >8D)

Anyway, that's all for now, if you want to ask something feel free to post a comment, take care


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PxlCobit Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Nickireda Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  New Deviant
I would pay to have a Ganondorf SSB4 sprite sheet made.
JCzilla Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Do you sprite anymore?
Gregarlink10 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Yes, but making sprite sheets takes a long time, time that sadly I don't always have, and when I have the time either my pc stops working or something else gets in the way
JCzilla Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Yeah I get that. I'm using a 10 year old Windows XP that is on the verge of blue screening as we speak.
Gregarlink10 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
I actually miss the MS paint that XP has, this new one is a pain to work with!, I'll see how I can create a "virtual maquine" to emulate XP just so I can have the old MS paint
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SonicKamehameha Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So this is the home of MC samus huh?
998TheNewOrchestra Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
Hey, I made a Megaman. Go see it please!

PxlCobit Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
Which Nintendo character do you want to be in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U?
Gregarlink10 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
Nintendo characters? I don't know, I would like to see more 3rd party characters like Shantae, Simon Belmont, Bayonetta etc, but from Nintendo themselves...I guess Kristal from StarFox, BlackShadow from F-Zero, Magnus even though he's an assist trophy, the girl from Splatoon, Po from Eathbound etc
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