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Pitchy QR code by Gregarlink10
Pitchy QR code
Hi everyone, how have you been? after posting pictures of a certain Mii character that I did in SSB4 a lot of people started asking me for the QR code for the Mii, well, here it is for anyone who wants to use it, as well as a preview image of the character, keep in mind that the Peach hair and crown only appear in SSB4, anyway, that's all for now, take care

Princess Peach hair and crown (C) nintendo
Captain X (MegaMan X + Captain Falcon) by Gregarlink10
Captain X (MegaMan X + Captain Falcon)
Hi everyone, how have you been?, the 2nd fusion for the hexafusion homework is "Captain X", I took some inspirations for the Falcon Armor for obvious reasons XP, two more left, I hope you like it, take care

Btw, this thing shoots Falcon Punches from his buster
Linx (Link + Mega Man X) by Gregarlink10
Linx (Link + Mega Man X)
Hi everyone, how have you been? well, this is the very 1st......."fusion" maybe?, well, this is the 1st result of my hexafusion homework, Link + Mega Man X, I said before that I wasn't going to paint the next ones (there are other 3 that I need to draw), but then I saw the possible colors for him and the lighting effects and thing lead to another XP, I was going to include a beam saber at the end of his buster and a shield like the one from the Mega Man Zero series but I don't want to worl all night in this one like I did with Captain Falcon, anyway, hope you like it, take care!

Fun fact: Just for the colors, it kind of reminds me of Shiryu from Saint Seiya, also, I noted that this resembles X more than Link or a fusion of them, this were an armor, which name should it had?
All Mighty Falcon Doodle by Gregarlink10
All Mighty Falcon Doodle
Hi everyone, how have you been? well, I'm too tired to write more stuff right now (I haven't sleep), well, this is the 3rd character that I choose for the Hexafusion homework, I'm running out of time so I guess I won't paint the other drawing, anyway, hope you like it, take care! (off to sleep! 8D)

Captain Falcon (c) Nintendo
Hi everyone, how have you been? I feel like it's been years since the last time I updated my journal, anyway, let's start with the excuses, why I haven't uploaded anything relevant in a while? well some of you already know that it's because of my work....or at was, yeah I was fired last month XP, not because I did something wrong or anything it's because my contract ended, sadly I wasn't aware of that so imagine my surprise when I went to work as usual and then the boss told me "today is your last day" XD, good thing I saved enough money to pay school and other debts, while in the work I made 2 animations (promotional and such) and we finish the hole short that the department was working even before I entered there, so it was a good run I guess

Since I don't have work anymore some of you are probably thinking that I will have more time to work in sprites right?, well yes and no, starting August I started my last 2 years in college (or university? whatever) the 1st year is going to be hard, mostly because I will be taking a lot of programming classes, but in the last year I will be taking like 2 or 1 classes.....fair enough, so, maybe I won't have much time to work on sprites at least this year, but next year it might be a hole different story!, also, my main pc (the one I use to make sprites) still needs a new fan, but I been "testing" it in cold places and seems to be working fine (it lasted like 2 hours before it turns off automatically, enough time to work!).

I will try to, at least, upload things more frequently, mostly because I feel like my Da account is sort of dead now, I blame only myself but anyway, so I will be uploading stuff more frequently (or at least I will try), don't expect a sprite sheet because I will probably just be updating comic strips and pictures like before at least for this year, and why not, maybe I will upload some animated gifs showing my advances in my sprite sheets (I'm really wanting to finish the MegaMan one!), even if I feel that my time as a sprites has passed long ago that doesn't mean I'm quiting, I really want to finish some of my pending projects before a mayor force forces me to stop spriting all together (because I won't do it myself >8D)

Anyway, that's all for now, if you want to ask something feel free to post a comment, take care


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